Distinguish yourself from your competitors; this is the value that XPI adds to its collaborators through the 3 in 1 Card Loyalty24 solution.


This solution revolutionizes the concept of the loyalty card. It allows you to have on the same support 3 functionalities: a loyalty card, a gift card and a payment card, to accompany your customers in their purchases, by giving them a simple and reliable reward mechanism.


Customers register on the web, mobile or at any point of sale, which allows you to collect information from customers and especially contacts.


The customer simply inserts his card into the EFTPos terminal when purchasing products or services, and earns points in real time, which are automatically converted into cash once the number of points is high enough.


Loyalty24 offers hundreds of management rules such as welcome points, fixed value discounts, percentage discounts, Double/Triple points days, birthday gifts…Etc.

In order to visualize the points on the net, the expiry date of the cards, as well as the rewards, Loyalty24 provides its clients with a simple and fluid web interface, also accessible for the calculation of loyalty points.

It also provides real-time visibility of transactions, and provides relevant information for effective operational marketing (average basket, sales per store, customer profile, and frequency of visits).


Thanks to the Loyalti24 service, merchants will be able to strengthen their relationship with their customers and analyze their expectations and market trends.

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