Card24’s Pos application is a high-level solution that enables users to efficiently process customer transactions and streamline sales-related business processes.


Card24 supports and drives all types of payment devices (standalone POS, E-POS and mobile POS), and enables online and offline transactions such as purchases of goods and services, transfers (card-to-card, card-to-account, account-to-account, account-to-card), credit repayment, and mini statement printing.


This solution offers value added services including cash deposit, Purchase of goods and services, currency management, bill payment. Every completed transaction is instantly saved on Card24™.


The POS Card24 service configures devices through a complete set of settings, and it also manages the lifecycle of the devices and provides an inventory of the devices, as well as allowing multiple users to be created on a single POS where each transaction is saved with the ID of the user who performed it.

Benefits For Merchants

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