Odometer checking

Mileage can be verified by Card24™ to ensure accuracy. It‘s also recorded in the database to appear in the statements intended for business managers to check the consumption.


Entering the purchased products

Selection of purchased products (fuel type, various services, etc..) May be required at the gas stations payment. Card24™ can accept or decline the transaction depending on the type of purchased goods and services.


Management of discounts

The oil company may offer discounts upon the use of the card, according to predefined criteria (time of the year, product type, type of card owner, etc.).


Entering the vehicle registration number

The system can also manage the vehicle numbers using the card. Thus, it may refuse the transaction if the card is used in an unauthorized vehicle.


Entering the driver code

The companies wishing to verify the use of their cards may assign a code to each of their employees. This code is verified by Card24™ and appears in the output reports


Odometer (Mileage) registration

Professional cards may require the input of the mileage by the user.